JACOMB’s Top 2007 Albums

1. Semi Precious Weapons – We Love You

Semi-Precious Weapons - We Love YouFrom the first time I saw this band I knew this album would rock. Produced by legend Tony Visconti (google and be amazed) and featuring 10 amazing tracks, this is an album that has been on repeat in my iTunes collection since I first got the demos in August and September. My complete review is here. This is a band best experienced live, but this CD is fantastic and rockin’.

Favs: Genius • Rock n Roll • Taste • Time Zones

2. Two Cow Garage – Three

Two Cow Garage - Three

I got the unmastered version of this album in February from bassist/vocalist Shane Sweeney and listened to it five or six times driving home that night. It instantly became the most listened to album for about six months and has more plays than any other album released in 2007 in my iTunes list. It is in my top 100 all time albums for many reasons. My complete review is here.

Favs: Should’ve California • Epitaph • ’88 Camaro

3. David Ford – Songs For The Road

David Ford - Songs For The RoadI saw David Ford in 2006 when he opened for Gomez. I was blown away by the man. The sound, the lyrics, presentation and performance. His debut album was #1 on my 2006 list and had me waiting for the songs NOT on that album to be released on the follow-up. If not for Two Cow and SPW, he’d be higher on this list as well. There are very few songwriters who can craft a song like he can.

Favs: Train • I’m Alright Now • St. Peter • Go To Hell

4. Saving Jane – One Girl Revolution

Saving Jane - One Girl RevolutionLike David Ford, Marti Dodson and the band deliver another album of amazing music. No humps here, just hooks. Amazing lyrics. And the title track should be required listening for women who aren’t paper-thing, perfect 10 hollywood illusions. I love a woman in the music industry who tells it like it is. And her evil laugh in “Loser” is genius.

Favs: What I Didn’t Say • Loser • Say Please

5. Scott Blasey – Travelin’ On

Scott Blasey - Travelin' OnThe vocalist for the Clarks has dropped a great solo disk. Any fan of lyrics and stories will love the tales told on “Travelin’ On” … and his blog on myspace is some of the best reading you can do about a life lived in everyday adventures. “Church of the Open Highway” is a haunting tale of woe that can drift by you if you’re not paying attention to the words.

Favs: Time to Go (Piano Mix) • Travelin’ On • Little Sofia

6. Chantal Kreviazuk – Ghost Stories

Chantal Kreviazuk - Ghost StoriesYeah, I know. Canadian. Singer-Songwriter. And despite the album cover, still a redhead.  Every time she releases a CD it’s on my list … because she can flat out sing, regardless of the RHCSS. I can’t help it. CD101 ruined me the first time I heard “Surrounded” back in 1997 when I moved to Newark. I called Andyman, got her name, and bought the CD.

Favs: Ghosts of You • Wonderful • All I Can Do

7. The Whiles – Sleepers Wake

The Whiles - Sleepers WakeThe very first song I ever had on MySpace was “Lonesome Reply” by The Whiles. This new album shows the growth of the band as musicians and Joe as a songwriter. I like the quiet ambient pop that roars as the songs go on.  This CD is lots of fun to put on and go about your day, shopping, driving, working, or just relaxing at home. “Sleepers Wake” is comfort food for my ears.

Favs: Songs We Used to Know • Falling Stars • From Chaos

8. Grammar Debate! – Cheetah vs Helicopter

Grammar Debate! - Cheetah vs. HelicopterI rarely take recommendations from people on what to listen to, so I was quite surprised with this band. Then again, the friend that told me about them – is undefeated. Fun Alt-Rock from a Philly-based band not afraid to be funny and serious and avoid the cliches of indie rock – both in word and in riff.

Favs: Love is in Love • I Stab Myself to Sleep • Believe It Away

9. A Fine Frenzy – One Cell in the Sea

A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the SeaYeah, I know. But she’s not Canadian. She is, however, a great singer. And writes some catchy songs. I’m not a big fan of popular stuff but she has that catchy sound I like to listen to and let go of my snobbishness sometimes. Good mix of fun songs, love songs and love gone wrong songs make this a pop CD I like listening to, and makes for a good CD to have in the car for date night.

Favs: Come On Come Out • Think of You • Almost Lover

10. Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion

Mika - Life in Cartoon MotionI’ll admit the funky cover of this CD caught my attention at the library. But the music has been caught in my brain. I love this album in a way that kinda bothers me cause it’s really really really catchy brit-pop. Really. And dude sounds like he’s channeling Freddy Mercury in several locations on the CD.

Favs: Grace Kelly • Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) • My Interpretation

11-20 is just a list …

11 – Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger

12 – Feist – The Reminder

13 – Blonde Redhead – 23

14 – Megan Palmer – Take You Away

15 – Paula Cole – Courage

16 – Dolores O’Riordan – Are You Listening?

17 – Brandi Carlile – Story Book

18 – Son Volt – The Search

19 – Fratellis – Costello Music

20 – Mary Chapin Carpenter – The Calling

Albums I’m looking forward to in 2008:

  • Aaron Tasjan – “Hard Love and Free Luck” I have the rough demos and this album is amazing. And on top of the stellar lyrics, hooks and impressive line up of musicians who play on this CD, Aaron also happens to my daughter’s favorite professional harmonica player.
  • Kathleen Edwards – “Asking for Flowers” ( March 4, 2008 ) …. mmmm …. redhead. Canadian. Singer-Songwriter. And I love her first two albums. Heavy rotation, all the time.
  • Bob Mould – “District Line” ( Feb. 2, 2008 ) One of the top musical highlights of my life since the day I discovered Husker Du in 9th grade. And he’s a hell of a nice guy. And his blog is genius.
  • Julia Fordham – “China Blue” …. mmmm …. blonde. English. Singer-Songwriter. (and you all think I am fixated on redheds from Canada!)
  • Marah – “Angels of Destruction”

and new as-of-yet unnamed albums from Two Cow Garage, Red Wanting Blue and Quinn Fallon.


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