5 Questions with … Roy Davis

One of the things I love about the Internet is the amazing ability to find music, and for musicians to find fans.

Case in point – Roy Davis & The Dregs, from Portland, Maine. I got a friend request from them, a few weeks before their show in Columbus on July 21, at the Rumba. Sadly, not many saw the show. You missed a great performance by a great band.

I will readily admit not listening to their music until the day of the show, and it was only then I realized just how good these guys were. I had to go to the show.

And, Roy was nice enough to talk before the show … which is the first of a new series here on the new music blog called “5 Questions (more or less) With …”

So … with that in mind, here is 5 Questions (more or less) With … Roy Davis, where we discuss the tour, the impact of MySpace on music, and a Columbus legend – White Castle.  (Yeah, and dumbass me clearly says it was the Beastie Boys with “You Be Illin'” … DOH … that would be Run-D.M.C. … I am so losing points on the hip-hop street cred scoresheet.)

He was gracious enough to allow me to post an MP3 from his great CD “Deadweight” … which is easily on my top 10 so far for 2008.

Download: “Till The Night Is Gone”  • Visit: Roy Davis on MySpace


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