JACOMB Out & About

Before we start, word has it B.A. Baracus has broken up.  And that ain’t no jibba-jabba.

(Sorry, been wanting to make that joke forever. Hardly worth the anticipation. I hope Sean Casey lands a new gig somewhere soon. Dude can shred.)

Okay … here’s your weekend highlights. Sadly I won’t be attending anything … dealing with some car issues that have me pretty much home-bound (but I’m getting my exercise with a 6 mile bicycle ride to work, and six miles home, every weekday)

Razorbliss at Slapsy Maxie’s or Miss Molly Winters at Espresso Yourself Music Cafe

Saturday Morning:
The amazing Willie Phoenix at North Market from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. (yes, those times are correct)

Saturday Night:
The best $5 show you’ll see at the Newport, featuring Ease The Medic with The Sailing, The Kyle Sowashes and The Nerve … or over to the Rumba Cafe for The Phantods, Jason Quicksall Band and The Lady Blues

Sunday Afternoon:
The Filthy Habits at Papa Boo’s in Buckeye Lake from 3 until 7 (those boys got nice ties, and great photos)

Sunday Night:
Keith Caputo (from Life of Agony) at Ravari with Fairmont, This Day Forever, Feast of the Monolith

Bernadette with Micah and Shane from Two Cow Garage doing Cowtown Round at the Rumba.


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