Red Wanting Blue “These Magnificent Miles”

The latest release from Columbus-based Red Wanting Blue, “These Magnificent Miles,” is like a visit from a old friend who brings along a friend of his you met once or twice before, you can’t quite recall. 

The old friend, of course, would be the four songs featured on their 2006 live CD/DVD  “The Warehouse Sessions” which featured our the recorded versions “You Are My Las Vegas,” “Where You Wanna Go,” “Finger In The Air” and “Space Time.”

The new guy is the other nine tracks on “These Magnificent Miles,” most of which have been played live in the two years since the release of” The Warehouse Sessions.” At first, it’s slightly strange, but after a few listens, you realize the new guy … he’s gonna be a friend for a long time, too.

Opening up with “Gravity” is a great way to go. I love when an CD takes you for a journey, right from the start.  The lyrics in this song show the range of Scott Terry’s gift of taking everything into the fold, painting a great set of images, and then letting you go off to visit. My favorite is the second verse:

“And I would vandalize outer space
Remake out constellations to spell our names
Like when we used to carve our names in the bark
Or write upon the windshield fog in the car
Sign autographs with sparklers in the dark
We’ll make graffiti out of stars.”

Great visuals, great lyrical structure, and the band behind him … just nails it.

While “Gravity” is the first outer-space themed song, it’s not the only. “The World Is Over” and “Space Time” also call out to the void, as does the bonus track at the end of “The Band” called “I Don’t Wanna Hear It.”  While it’s noticeable, it’s not overbearing.  In fact, “The World Is Over” briefly skims the topic in one of those upbeat “we’re all gonna die” songs with a great chorus that will have you singing along:

 “So beat that drum
Til we run out all of the air in our lungs
And kiss goodbye to lovers that we’ve loved
We can’t take them with us
The world is over”

despite the fact we’re screwed by various ways we all could die, such as hurricanes, tidal waves, UFO’s and weapons of mass destruction.

As for the rest of the release, “Where You Wanna Go,” “The Air I Breathe,” “Probably Nothing” and “The Band” show Terry’s romantic side; “Red Ryder” and the bonus song (“Caveman” maybe?) his nostalgic; and “You Are My Las Vegas.” “New Cool,” “U.S. Bumper Sticker” and “The World Is Over” show the playfulness.

The more time I spend with this CD, the more I realize how the change in personnel has allowed a new sound to come out of Red Wanting Blue. Drummer Mark Stepro left to tour the world with Ben Kweller; and guitarist John Kengla to tour the five boroughs of New York. Eddie Davis and Eric Hall, Jr., respectively, bring a slightly smoother and noticeably different sound noticed most on “Finger In The Air” where the guitar parts are very smooth and add much to the lyrics.

“These Magnificent Miles” is a well-rounded collection highlighting the band’s maturity, growth and the fun they have playing their music. That’s obvious at any live show, but hard to capture, even on live albums.

Red Wanting Blue’s tour kicks off on August 28th … for tour dates visit them on Myspace.  They’ll be playing The Lazy Chameleon in Powell on Saturday, August 30th.  

Track List for These Magnificent Miles (click to order direct from the band):

01 Gravity
02 You Are My Las Vegas
03 Where You Wanna Go
04 The World Is Over
05 Finger In The Air
06 Red Ryder
07 The Air I Breathe
08 New Cool
09 Probably Nothing
10 U.S. Bumper Sticker
11 Space Time
12 The Band
13 I Don’t Wanna Hear It



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3 Responses to “Red Wanting Blue “These Magnificent Miles””

  1. cj Says:

    john wrote the guitar parts to fanga in the aya, but it has changed a bit since eric joined the group. nice blog, brotha. great review.

  2. PhillyKev Says:

    You NAILED it!
    Great review and AWESOME anology about RWB being “like a visit from a old friend who brings along a friend of his you met once or twice before, you can’t quite recall……At first, it’s slightly strange, but after a few listens, you realize the new guy … he’s gonna be a friend for a long time, too.”

    It seems every album of theirs gets better and better. I got turned onto these guys when I was back home in Toledo visiting family and friends 7 years ago, and have been a huge fan ever since. I’ve been living in Philly for 10 years and my biggest regret for moving is that I only get to see these guys once a year out here. If I were still in Toledo, I’d probably see them every weekend!

    I still love songs like “Borderline” and “Wake Up, Dreamer” but the music these guys have been putting out over the past 2-3 years is so much more advanced and deserves to get airplay next to bands like Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, and Maroon 5.

    The world will soon know RWB!!

  3. Red Wanting Blue Says:

    Delorse Killman

    The latest release from Columbus-based Red Wanting Blue,

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