Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes …

Well, since it’s been a year since I last updated … I should say that there have been significant changes in my life that have prevented me from anything with this blog. And no, I wasn’t in jail!

I got laid off by the State of Ohio on January 2, 2009 … only to get rehired by the job I left in March 2008 to take the job with the state … however, I was working in Cincinnati two or three days a week.

Then, instead of moving to Cincinnati, I returned to Youngstown in September and have been unpacking and trying to get used to living back in the Mahoning Valley. And my job has been rather time consuming because of a huge project I’m working on until the end of March.

And since I’m no longer in Columbus, I can’t really write a Columbus, Ohio, music blog … so I’ve changed the name to Just Another Crappy Opinionated Music Blog.

So, while my updates may not be all that often, they will at least be happening here, again … up next is my Top 25 albums of 2009!

Welcome to 2010 and Just Another Crappy Opinionated Music Blog!


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