Doug Keith’s on Tour … check him out

So I’m sitting today at work listening to a guy named Doug Keith (website / myspace).  I’ll admit, I never heard of him before his publicist tossed me an email with an MP3  a couple of weeks ago and asked for my take.  And … well … after getting the whole CD, I have to say I really like it.

Doug was a member of The Gods Hate Kansas … which I tried to research but couldn’t find … so I don’t know what kind of punk music they played, but Doug Keith’s solo album “The Lucky Ones” … which comes out in March,  is a great collection of Americana. Nice use of strings, acoustic and electric guitar and both simple and complex arrangements.  I’m particularly digging “We Left Everything” which just builds throughout the entire song both musically and lyrically and is perhaps the best song on the CD to lead the album.  Other favorites are “Arms Heavy” and “The Lowest Low.”

Feel free to download (for FREE)  “The Lucky Ones” in MP3 format (right-click / save as) and give Doug Keith a listen … and then decide if you’re ready to get out of the snow and into some hot indie rock, you can check him out Wednesday in Pittsburgh at Howler’s Coyote Cafe, 4509 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh; or Thursday at the Treehouse, 887 Chambers Road in Columbus.

Complete Tour Dates:

02/10: Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler’s Coyote Cafe
02/11: Columbus, OH @ The Treehouse
02/13: Ann Arbor, MI @ Hathaway’s Hideaway
02/15: Chicago, IL @ Quenchers
02/16: Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
02/17: Champaign, IL @ Aroma Cafe
02/18: Indianapolis, IN @ Lazy Daze Coffeehouse
02/19: Lexington, KY @ Common Grounds
02/20: Louisville, KY @ Sunergos Coffee
02/22: Winston-Salem @ Wake Forest Radio in studio session
02/22: Winston-Salem @ The Garage with Della Mae
02/26: Greensboro, NC @ The Green Bean with North Elementary
02/27: Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave with North Elementary


One Response to “Doug Keith’s on Tour … check him out”

  1. Jen Says:

    Columbus needs a good music blog. I’m about to move up there from Austin, TX (I know, I know, why am I leaving ACL/SXSW land?) for graduate school. I need show info, yo!

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