So … who is JACOMB?

Hi. I’m Eric Broz. Photographer, writer, lover of live music.

I love this city.  I’ve lived in Columbus in various periods of time from 1992 to present; always in and out due to jobs.  Then, one day, I just decided this is where I wanted to live, for good. For many reasons, most of them the friends I have, the musicians I’ve met, the music I love.

This is the only city I’ve ever felt like home, despite not being born here, or being a big OSU fan. The bands here are AMAZING and give their heart, soul, blood and sweat for often little more than a share of what’s taken in at the door and the joy of performing. 

My introduction to the local rock scene here was courtesy of a friend, who convinced me to come out and see a band called X-Rated Cowboys at a place called Skully’s.  It was a very cold Friday in January 2005. I had spend the day signing a lease for a new apartment on the east side, scheduling a moving truck for pickup in Pittsburgh and working a new job.  I was beat, mentally exhausted, and almost didn’t go. 

I’m glad I did. It changed my life.

I have no idea who else was on the bill that day … all I know is when the Quinn Fallon and the boys took the stage, I was FLOORED. The songwriting, the sound, the fun they had playing. I fell in love instantlly.  A month or so later, the Clarks played at (sigh) Little Brothers.  Being a big Clarks fan from my days of living in Pittsburgh, I went, and was BLOWN AWAY by Watershed. I remember asking the same friend who turned me on to the X-Rated Cowboys this about Watershed:  “Why have I never heard of these guys?”

It’s been that way with most bands I’ve gone to see, and become fans of, and friends with. Amazing music, of all genres, is found, almost every single night, everything from the rock of Razorbliss, Bullet Jones, and The Evil Queens to the mellow Beatlesque of Paper Airplane to the flat out Americana of Two Cow Garage, Ryan Smith, and Quinn Fallon, with and without his ragtag band of ever-rotating guitarists.

Oh, I also do some photography.

Rocking Out with Bullet Jones

Ryan and Lee from Bullet Jones at BoMA

Drake Beams Up

Drake from Razorbliss at Skully's


5 Responses to “So … who is JACOMB?”

  1. Brandon Judd Says:

    Hello, Eric! I hope this finds you well.

    Chico Fellini (Lexington, KY) is looking for dates in Columbus in April. Skully’s has been contacted and recommended by These United States.

    Chico Fellini is an over-the-top, four-piece pop/rock outfit and is regarded as one of Lexington’s finest and largest drawing bands. Accolades include CD Central’s top Kentucky release of 2009 and Redefine Magazine’s Album of the Year 2009. More reviews can be found on the MySpace link.

    Please respond if you like the band. It seems as though you have a good grasp of what’s going on. If there’s some bands in Columbus that Chico Fellini could play with, it would be great if you could share.


    >>Brandon Judd

  2. Damon Says:

    Hey there… Is there an e-mail address I might send a press release to for my band’s 2011 Winter Tour, for possible coverage? Thanks!

  3. Burris Says:

    Hey love the blog! Im Burris from Dayton Ohio. Im in a band called “Me & Mountains”

    Thought I would pass on FREE music your way. If you like it, feel free to write it up. if not, enjoy it or trash.

    Thanks for your time.

    Me & Mountains debut EP

    the download link is our guitar players web site. let me know if you have problems downloading the album.


  4. Justin Levy Says:

    Hey JACOMB,

    We’re playing Columbus tomorrow night at the Treehouse. Just thought you might be interested. Please give us a listen at

    Also, look for us on the Hype Pop charts. #20 at the moment!

    Best, Justin

  5. only in the mornings (@onlyinthemornin) Says:

    Love this bio! Feel similar about Cbus, having attended Capital, moved to Chicago for 4 years, then Maine for a year, and LOVING getting back. Those years ago, I would play Victorian’s Midnight Cafe, which I’ve heard is something else now!?!?! (Have only been back a few months). That being said, and I HATE doing this on your comments, would be honored if you took a quick listen to my stuff for consideration on your blog. Either way, thanks for what you do!
    – Brian (of ‘only in the mornings’)

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